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Outreach North East is a single point of contact for teachers and advisers in the North East of England which will signpost and improve access to information and support to encourage progression to higher education.

Outreach North East aims to provide impartial information about higher education to help teachers and advisers best support their students in making informed choices about their futures.

In addition to this website, Outreach North East will provide:

  • telephone support for teachers and advisers wanting more information on how they can access and utilise outreach opportunities in the region;
  • opportunities to collaborate with key stakeholders in the region delivering related support for young people;
  • CPD opportunities for teachers and advisers, both face to face and online to support improved information and advice for young people in the region.

This work is being carried out as part of the Office for Students' Uni Connect Programme, offering a powerful, strategic and flexible network with local and regional partners, able to support the levelling up agenda and delivery of other government priorities in local and regional communities.

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0191 208 8640

About Uni Connect 

Uni Connect is an Office for Students funded programme which brings together 29 partnerships across England of universities, colleges and other local partners to provide impartial information, advice and guidance to underrepresented students by creating pathways to FE and HE and training opportunities. The programme builds platforms for student careers progression, helping to remove the academic, financial and cultural barriers to progression and supporting them to achieve their ambitions.

Uni Connect:

  • works with FE colleges and universities in the local area to help underrepresented students understand their higher education and training options at levels 4, 5 and 6
  • aims to ensure that all those living in disadvantaged areas have an equal opportunity to pursue higher education and training opportunities. Locally, the programme can adjust its focus to different age groups and training routes to support local employment opportunities
  • partners with higher education providers, local authorities, LEPs, career advisers and employers to provide a single point of contact for schools and colleges to find out what education opportunities and career pathways are available for students in their area. This improves efficiency for all involved by ensuring that university and college engagement with schools is targeted, joined up and professional, so there is no duplication of effort and the hardest to reach students, schools and colleges are supported. 

Schools, colleges and universities are facing immense difficulties due to the pandemic and Uni Connect is in a unique position to liaise between these organisations and help ensure both young and mature underrepresented students can access higher education to give them the skills needed to support economic growth.

The programme is intended to complement and add value to the work that higher education providers undertake through their access and participation plans, in particular work that is best delivered in collaboration.

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