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Getting the most from Open Days/Evenings

Universities and colleges regularly hold open events to help you explore your future options. ou might already know exactly what you would like to study and use open days as a method of deciding where to complete your studies, or you might use open days to explore your options surrounding certain subject areas that interest you.

See our top tips below on how to get the most from university and college open events:

1) Where possible register to attend in advance of the event.

This means you will be sent any important information in advance of the event including any activities, tours and talks related to courses you’re interested in that may be available on the day. This will allow you to plan your visit much better and allow you to take full advantage of all the university or college has to offer.

2) Think about the course you might like to study.

You may already know exactly what you want to study, in which case think about any aspects of the course you might want to ask more questions about, or if you’d like to find out more about how you’ll be taught and assessed. If you’re unsure what you’d like to study use open events to ask questions about the courses you are choosing between, speak to current students about their experience and look at subject content.

3) Consider what is important to you.

What else is important to you? Would you like to get involved in extra-curricular activities, play sport or have the opportunity to get involved in activities like a student newspaper or radio station? Ask about opportunities that will be available to you outside of your studies that will allow you to graduate with a breadth of experiences to discuss at future interviews.

4) Are you visiting institutions that offer the option of living in their student accommodation?

If so, consider whether you would like to allow time to view the accommodation options. Be open minded when viewing accommodation and try to look at a range of options. If you are undecided about moving away from home, it might be worth speaking to any current students at the institutions about their own experiences of independent living. If you decide you will commute from your family home to university or college, is there any financial help available for this? 

5) When researching institutions and courses you may want to look at write down any questions that come to mind and take these with you on the day.

Open events can be busy and having a list of questions with you might help you not to forget to ask everything you would like to know. It can also be handy to take a bag to carry any literature you might be given.