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Is HE the same as school?

The simple answer is no! Higher Education is different to school in many ways, and with so many subjects and course types to choose you can tailor your experience to suit you. Here are our top 3 differences between higher education and school:

1. Choice

Not only is there a huge choice of subjects, but there are also a variety of course type to choose from. At school there is very little flexibility with what you are taught, you must follow a certain curriculum. When studying for a Higher Education qualification there may be some topics that are compulsory, but you will also be given a huge amount of freedom to tailor your qualifications to your interests. Because of the breadth of subjects available, studying a for a HE qualification can mean studying a subject you may have studied at school but in much more detail, or studying something completely different, for example Architecture.

2. Independence

With the increase in flexibility comes an increase in independence. You are responsible for your own learning and managing your time. If you study a course at a university or college you might find you have much less formal teaching than at school, however you will have independent study to undertake outside of these classes. If you decide to undertake an apprenticeship you will spend a lot of time in the workplace, which will also help grow independence. Some students choose to move out of their family home when studying for a higher education qualification and this also gives you more independence as you learn to cook, clean and manage your money. It can be daunting at times, but the independence you gain through higher education is amazing!

3. Size

Typical school class sizes are around 30 people, whereas at university or college they are often larger, and even when completing an apprenticeship, you will be an employee in the workplace so there may be more people around than you are used to. If you study for your higher education qualification at a university or college or are spending time in the workplace whilst completing an apprenticeship you will meet a range of people from all walks of life and make some long lasting friendships.