Degree Apprenticeships

Outreach North East were joined by ASK Apprenticeships, Health Education England and a Young Apprenticeship Ambassador (currently a Solicitor Degree Apprentice) for a series of two webinars to inform about degree apprenticeships and give teachers and advisers tips on how best to support their students in finding and applying for opportunities. You can see more information on the webinars, and find links to further information and resources below.

If you missed the sessions, but would like to gain access to the on-demand recordings, please provide your details using the link. 

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Our speakers from ASK Apprenticeships and Health Education England have also provided some detailed responses to the questions that were asked at the sessions. You can view and download the resource by clicking the button below. 

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This session saw ASK Apprenticeships introduce degree apprenticeships and outline the key features that teachers and advisers should be aware of when informing young people about this route. 

UCAS also joined the conversation, giving an overview of what the data tells us about the appetite for information on degree apprenticeships, and the resources and support available from UCAS. 

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The second webinar in the Degree Apprenticeship series provided teachers and advisers with information and resources to help them best support their students in finding and applying for degree apprenticeships. 

Delegates also had the opportunity to explore the degree apprenticeships available in the NHS, and what the NHS look for in applications. 

Also part of the conversation was Leah, a current Solicitor Degree Apprentice. Leah spoke about her experience as a degree apprentice, the application process, her experiences so far, and the opportunities that will be available to her once she is qualified. 

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