The Outreach North East Podcast is a free and flexible way to keep up with key sector information, information about widening participation and progression to higher education, and the activity available to you and your students in the North East. Your hosts Rachel and Sasha, from the North East Uni Connect Programme, interview guests and discuss the topics and themes that are important to us all in education. 

Join your hosts, Sasha and Rachel, as they discuss what you can expect from the Outreach North East Podcast. Let us know your thoughts and get in touch with any questions by emailing info@outreachnortheast.ac.uk.

Join your hosts Rachel and Sasha as they welcome special guests from the North East Uni Connect Programme to discuss the widening participation and outreach work taking place across the region. 

If you have a question for our podcast, you can email us at info@outreachnortheast.ac.uk. 

This week, Rachel and Sasha welcome their guest Chris Cook to discuss his approach to decision making in both his educational and sporting journeys. 

Have a question for the podcast? Email us at info@outreachnortheast.ac.uk.