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Exploring FutureMe in the North East

We’re excited that you’ve joined us here today to explore higher education in the North East! Before we get started, there are a few things that you will need to have to hand to be able take part in all of the activities today.

Estimated running time: approximately 3 hours

Please check the resources box below to see what you should have with you in the classroom and, when you’re ready, move on down the page to begin.

Teacher – Everything you need for the activities is on this page, you just need to scroll to get to the next one. There are links throughout the page which are to attachments, please just click these to view and download.

Each section has a recommended activity time, however you can be flexible with these. The videos explain the activities, and there are also instruction boxes as you move down the page help you on your way, that look like this:

Resources needed
Teacher instructions
Suggested activity running time

There isn’t too much text on the page, however we’d be grateful if you could read out the small amount there is in each section to ensure students get all of the information.

Extra bits of information, that we would normally discuss with post-16 students, have been added in bold text throughout this page with a light bulb image. We would normally engage in discussions around these elements to help with any questions and concerns that students may have about higher education, so please do encourage these conversations between students and send us any questions that arise. We can answer these via email or we can set up a Live Q&A session.

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Even though you are exploring HE in the comfort of your classroom, we would still love to be involved in your day so please tag us on Instagram and Twitter so we can see what you’re up to, and don’t forget to use #FindYourFutureMe and #ExploringFutureMe in your posts. Our social media channels can be accessed by clicking the links below.

Welcome to Exploring FutureMe in the North East!

We have lots of fun activities planned for you throughout the next few hours to introduce higher education to you, and to help you explore a few of our options here in the North East.

Each section of the day will have a video and some text to help you through the activity. Everything you need should be here on the page, along with some resources we have sent to your teachers in advance. There are plenty of opportunities to win sweet treats/prizes throughout the day, so teachers please have these ready.

Let’s get started! To introduce you to the day and all of these activities, check out the video below to meet the FutureMe team who will be taking you through your exploration!

We are jumping straight into the first activity and we hope you are ready to get your creativity flowing!

Check out the video below where Georgia is going to explain what you need to do and give you lots of hints and tips to create the best possible design. We would recommend you work in pairs or small groups.

After you have watched the video, you will have approximately 25 minutes to get your design ready to present to your peers.

Resources neededPens, A3 paper, summary image (on screen to refer to), sweets/prizes
Teacher instructionsPlease ensure students have pens and A3 paper to use. Students don’t need to make notes throughout the video, we have an example attached below the video for them (please click this and it will download for you). We would recommend they work in pairs or small groups.
Suggested activity running time45 minutes
Video – 15 minutes
Activity – 20-25 minutes
Design presentation & choose winner – 5-10 minutes

Now you have got all the information, let’s see what you come up with!
There were lots of hints and tips, so to help you with your design, click on the link below to download a summary image of what you could include.

Don’t forget to tag us in your design on social media, we would love to see what you make! Remember to include #FindYourFutureMe and #ExploringFutureMe

Time to pick your favourite!

Each group, you have two minutes to share your institute design with your peers to decide the winner.

Teacher – please help the students to decide the winner and distribute the prize.

Hopefully you saw in the video that higher education has so many options in terms of academics and social life. While some elements of your dream institute might not all be available in one place, there is a lot of freedom in higher education to make it into the experience that you want and create opportunities for yourself, whether this is on your course through things like placements, or socially through societies and events.

We are lucky to have a range of amazing higher education institutions in the North East so we’ve designed a virtual scavenger hunt for you, across three campuses, so you can explore some facilities and student spaces, and get a bit more of a taste for life at higher education.

Resources neededPens, Scavenger hunt worksheet (attached in content email)
Teacher instructionsPlease hand out worksheets. The three virtual tours for the scavenger hunt are linked below, just click the institution logo to be taken to each tour video. The total number of points available is 17!
Suggested activity running time30 minutes
Activity – 20-25 minutes
Answers – 5 minutes

All institutions will offer the opportunity for you to have a look around their campus and accommodation, either on an open day or you can book a private campus tour in. If you want to have a look from the comfort of your own home, most institutions have great virtual options too. We want to really encourage you to visit any institution you are thinking about applying to in-person so you can get a feel for the place, see the facilities more extensively and ensure you’re happy with your choices. This is a really important step in the process to make sure you’re confident in your decision and that the institution you choose for your higher education qualification is on that feels right to you.

Teacher – if you have selected to have a HE Ambassador session as part of the day this is where it fits. Please refer to your content email with instructions for either your pre-recorded session or live webinar booking.

We hope you enjoy the session!

Suggested activity running time: please check content email.

Now you’ve had a chance to look around some campuses and think about what your ideal HE institutions would look like, it’s time to find out more what it’s actually like to be a student at higher education.

We are going to introduce some key elements of student life and get you thinking about what you could be involved in while at higher education.

The second part of this section is in a game format so it’s time to get into teams. Have a maximum of 3-4 people per team and you will need a pen and paper to keep score.

Georgia is going to give you an insight into student life and explain the game. So lets get going…

Resources neededPens, paper, whiteboard (for keeping score), sweets/prize
Teacher instructionsPlease help organise teams of 3-4 students each. Game instructions are in the video below – please read through before beginning game. When you’re ready to begin, click the resource underneath the instructions table below to download game PowerPoint.
Suggested activity running time30 minutes
Video – 6 minute
Activity – 20 minutes
Tally points & choose winner – 4 minutes
Game instructionsThe aim of the game is to guess the image with the least amount of squares revealed. Make sure students are ready in teams and with pen and paper. If possible, draw up a table on the whiteboard to record each team’s points (you can add a little extra competition for best team name).

1) Click below to download and open the PowerPoint.

2) Play slides from the beginning.

3) There are 19 rounds in total. Each begins with a clue and then the following slide has a hidden picture. There are 9 coloured squares hiding the image. Each team gets ONE guess per round.

4) Get students to select which of the 9 squares they would like removed to reveal part of the picture and they can decide if they want to make a guess, or wait for more to be removed. You will need to click this square on the presentation for it to be removed.

5) Continue to remove the squares one at a time that students have selected until each team has made a guess as to what the image is and written this down on paper. The answer for the round will be on the next slide.

6) At the end of the round, get a student from each team to go and record their points on the board at the front of the class.

7) Move onto next clue. At the end of the game, award the winning team with sweets/prize.
Points information If students guess the correct answer in:  
1-3 squares removed = 3 points
4-5 squares removed = 2 points
6 or more squares removed = 1 point

Click image below to download the game PowerPoint.

While you are at higher education to get a qualification and further your knowledge on a particular area, the social aspect is also really important to the experience. Many students make friends for life when in higher education and it is the perfect chance to try something new. This will likely be the first and last time in your life where you have so much freedom to try new things, without loads of extra ‘life responsibilities’ in the mix too. You can sample so many different activities and experiences to find what you’re passionate about. While it can seem a bit daunting at first when you begin higher education because there are so many changes, we’d encourage you to put yourself out there and get involved with as many things as you’d like to, don’t miss the opportunity to have some fun at the same time as studying.

Share your points table with us on social media, we’d love to see your team names and your scores. Don’t forget to use #FindYourFutureMe and #ExploringFutureMe

Time for the final competition of the day. We have built a quiz to challenge your knowledge on all things higher education.

It is up to you if you would like to take part solo or in your teams.

Make sure you have pen and paper ready to keep score, or if you are in teams, you can use the whiteboard at the front of the room.

Resources neededPens, paper, whiteboard (for keeping score), sweets/prize
Teacher instructionsIf the students would like to compete in teams, you can keep the ones from the previous game or select new ones. Please ensure students have pens and paper. If you are keeping track of scores on the whiteboard, we would recommend teams adding their points to the board at the end of each round. The quiz is fully hosted through the video so please make sure everyone is ready before you press play.
Suggested activity running time:30 minutes
Video & Quiz – 20 – 25 minutes
Tally points & choose winner – 5 minutes

Congratulations, we know you will have all smashed it! If you want to share your scoreboard with us and let us know who your quiz champion is, tag us on socials! Remember to use #FindYourFutureMe and #ExploringFutureMe

Thanks for joining us for Exploring FutureMe in the North East!

We hope you’ve enjoyed finding out more about higher education from the comfort of your classroom. Please let us know what you’ve thought about today, and don’t forget you can find out lots more about higher education and the pathways available to you through our website and social media.

If you have any questions about your next steps or want to discuss your options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we would love to help!

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