FutureMe Resources

Our range of FutureMe resources are available to download by clicking the thumbnails below. 

FutureMe Qualification Levels Leaflet 

This useful FutureMe Qualifications levels leaflet provides a handy reference guide for how different qualifications levels relate to each other.

FutureMe Journey to Higher Education Leaflet 

The FutureMe Journey to Higher Education leaflet is a handy guide for students who are thinking about their HE journey, with key steps and events mapped out.


FutureMe What Is Higher Education Leaflet

The FutureMe What is Higher Education leaflet provides a concise explanation of what Higher Education is and the benefits of studying a HE qualification.


FutureMe Higher Education in the North East Quick Guide

This FutureMe quick guide provides a useful overview of the different types of HE qualifications available. It breaks down qualification levels and explains what some of the key features are of different qualifications, and what it's like to study them.


The FutureMe North East Growth Areas Chatterbox resource

The FutureMe North East Growth Areas Chatterbox resource can be used by students to find out what skills are needed and valued by growth sectors in the North East. It's a useful way to see what skills are needed for certain jobs, and how their interests might contribute to career goals.


The FutureMe Celebrity Chatterbox resource

The FutureMe Celebrity Chatterbox resource lets students see what some celebrities studied at higher education, and opens up for discussion how this influenced their career choices.


FutureMe Apprenticeship Leaflet

The FutureMe apprenticeship leaflet provides a great overview of apprenticeships. There's information about the different types of apprenticeship and how you would study them, the application process, and an explanation of some of the key terms used when discussing apprenticeships.


 Ready to Study Guide

The Ready to Study guide contains advice and guidance for students with health conditions, mental health conditions, disabilities, or learning difficulties who are considering studying higher education.


FutureMe Parent and Carer Guide

The FutureMe Parent and Carer Guide is a comprehensive resource aimed at informing parents and carers about higher education, and how they can support the aspirations and progression of their young people. 

What Can? HE Can! - FutureMe Challenge Comic Book
This guide is designed to show students how higher education could help them reach their goals. The guide has been made by students, for students, to explain all aspects of higher education in a way that's relevant to them.