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Journey to Higher Education – Year 11

In Year 11 you will be asked to make some choices about what you would like to do after school. Even if you don’t know exactly what you would like to do in the future, there are steps that you can take now to help make it a little easier. 

Post GCSE Options

Early in Year 11 you will begin to consider what you would like to do once you have finished your GCSEs/equivalent courses.

What to Study?

Consider what you would like to study once you have finished your GCSEs and what kind of courses you might like to study, i.e. A-levels, BTECs, T Levels or an apprenticeship. 

Some questions to ask yourself are:

Sixth Form/College Open Events

Further education providers tend to hold their open events during the Autumn Term (usually between October and November). These events give you a chance to look around the facilities each institution has on offer and to speak to current students and staff. It can help to write down any questions you may have beforehand, to ensure you don’t forget anything you want to ask.


Check the entry requirements for the course(s) you would like to study and consider whether you are likely to meet these with your current predicted grades. Ask the sixth forms and colleges you are interested in how you can apply, and whether you will be required to attend an interview. 

Exams and Assessments 

Throughout Year 11 you will be working towards your final GCSE (or equivalent) examinations, and it can be a busy time in your life. It is important to plan ahead, so you know what to expect but it is equally important to look after yourself (and your friends). 

Revision Plan

You will need to organise your revision to ensure you are able to cover each topic in enough detail. Consider which subjects you feel need the most work, prioritise these to begin with but ensure you don’t miss out your other subjects. Drawing a revision timetable might be useful, or using a weekly to-do list. 

We have a helpful app, Study Buddy, that can help you design a revision plan… and stick to it! See more and download here.


Exams and coursework can be stressful; however it is important to look after yourself during this time to ensure that you are able to perform to the best of your ability. Ensure you are eating well, getting regular exercise and enough sleep. It’s good to talk if you find that things are bothering you, so keep in touch with friends, family and teachers about how you’re feeling. 


Make sure you know when your school is open to collect your exam results before you leave school for the summer, and if you can’t collect your results in person, be sure to make arrangements to have these sent to you. Once you have collected your results you will need to enrol with your chosen sixth form or college, who will send you details of how to do this. Remember to celebrate your hard work with your friends and family too, you’ve earned it!