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Higher Education in the North East


What is Higher Education? 

Higher education refers to any qualification that is Level 4 or above, i.e., after a student has finished their sixth form or college education. There are a range of different qualification types and subject available which can be studied at a university, college, or in the workplace. The different qualification types and study methods mean that people can choose the option that best suits their learning style and career plan. 

In the North East 

The North East benefits from a number of fantastic institutions that provide higher education. We have universities that offer a large number of courses and subject areas, and we also have a number of further education colleges that offer higher education courses in a college setting. Many employers in the region offer apprenticeships, which offer the chance to earn a wage whilst studying for a higher-level qualification. You can see the institutions in our region here.

Knowledge Base

Grow your knowledge of the range of routes into and through education, and how you can use them to reach your goals, in our knowledge base.

Journey to Higher Education – Year 10

There are steps you can take now to start working towards your goals and considering what you might want to do after school.

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Journey to Higher Education – Year 9

You may think that you don’t need to think about higher education until you’re 18, but there are still some decisions you can make a little earlier to kick-start your journey.

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