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The Benefits of Higher Education


Studying for a higher education qualification can bring a range of benefits to your child which can last a life time. Not only can a higher education qualification be a springboard into a career, it can also help your child develop the skills and confidence needed to lead an independent adult life! 

Career Benefits 

There are a number of careers that are only open to those who hold a specific qualification, e.g., becoming a doctor or an architect, however holding a higher education qualification can open the doors to many other career opportunities which may not always be directly related to the subject studied. This is because higher education helps people develop a transferable skill set which is looked upon favourably by employers. 

Regardless of a student’s previous experiences or connections, higher education provides the opportunity for students to gain work experience and also to network with professions in their chosen sector therefore giving them a range of experiences to use in interviews. 

Students in the North East have been finding out more about the growing sectors in our region, many of which require a higher education qualification:

Personal Benefits

Studying for a higher education qualification can help young people become much more independent, as they become responsible for their learning, managing their time, and managing their money. Whether they choose to move out or stay at home, their experiences will develop their skill set and prepare them for life in the workplace! 

Universities and colleges also offer an array of extra-curricular activities for students to get involved in, which is a great way to further an existing interest, try something new, and to meet new people. 

Financial Benefits

In addition to having a greater range of jobs available to them, graduates also attract higher salaries throughout their working life. Those completing an apprenticeship will earn a wage from day one and will gain great experience to access higher paid roles once qualified. For students studying at a university or college there are lots of part-time work options that offer flexibility for students, allowing them to earn an income and gain skills whilst studying.