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What is an Apprenticeship? 

An apprenticeship is a job that gives you the chance to earn a wage while also earning a qualification in your chosen subject area. 

Apprentices typically spend 80% of their time in the workplace, learning the practical skills and knowledge they need to do the job, and the other 20% of their time at college or university learning more about their industry. Assessment is usually a mix of written assignments, practical assessments and the submission of a portfolio, which is a collection of evidence to showcase your skills in a particular industry.

How long do apprenticeships take?

There are apprenticeships available at a range of different levels and each have their own entry requirements. Find out more here

How do I Apply? 

Unlike college and university courses, apprenticeships can be advertised all year round and in various different places. The employer might list their opportunities on their website, universities and colleges may advertise them, or you can also use the government apprenticeship website to search for vacancies and set up alerts.

Levels of apprenticeship