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Your Future in Higher Education


What is Higher Education?

Higher education is the term given to any qualification at Level 4 or above, these are the ones you may choose to study after sixth form or college. In the North East we are lucky to have so many fantastic universities and colleges that offer higher education so that you can choose exactly what, where, and how you want to study. 

There are some jobs that you can only do once you hold a certain set of higher education qualifications, e.g., doctors, dentists and architects, but many more jobs favour applicants who hold a higher education qualification. 

Why Higher Education?

No matter which route you take, higher education brings a range of benefits that last a lifetime! Some of these include:

Who Studies Higher Education? 


Higher education qualifications are open to those who are aged 18 or over and have the required qualifications/experience. You can start at any age and can return to education at different points in your life. If you don’t meet the entry requirements for the course you want to study there are also plenty of options available! 

Where Can I Study? 


There are a large number of higher education providers in the North East, across the country, and across the world! To see what’s available in our region click here