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LIBF Free Financial Education Resources

Free resources for students to complete at home relating to financial education.

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Student Finance

Student finance information aimed at prospective students.


Student Finance England

Find a range of fact sheets and resources, from Student Finance England, aimed at you, your students and their parents!


Student Finance for Estranged Students

The following guide will give students information about how their Student Finance application is assessed as an estranged student. It will tell them about the supporting documents that they will need to send to Student Awards Agency Scotland or Student Finance England, Wales and Northern Ireland to confirm their irreconcilable estrangement from their family. This guide has been put together in collaboration and consultation with Student Loans Company Ltd and Student Awards Agency Scotland.

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A guide to bursaries available at Russell Group universities

This guide contains links to some of the bursaries and scholarships which may be currently on offer at the Russell Group universities. We have focussed on support for UK applicants for undergraduate courses in this guide.

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The Scholarship Hub

The Scholarship Hub was launched to help students find additional funding for higher education and provide information to help them better manage their money while studying.

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